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Online Readings with Cyndy

Readings are like a spiritual check up, to see how you, and the universe are working energetically. How the energies are mixing or not. Readings are for entertainment and enlightenment, always use your own judgement as to what is right for you. Take all information that you gather from your life, friends, family, professionals of all kinds, angels, and decide what is right for you. Readings change as you change. Your life is not all predestined, even the slightest changes in you, can make big changes in outcomes. Choose well. Live well. You are a powerful spiritual being. You are a creator in your life journey.

Cyndy currently offers online readings to current clients only, client’s she has worked with and for in the past. No new online reading clients are being accepted at this time.

Online readings are a mini reading about a specific issue, or area of your life.

Turn around time is about 14 days for an online reading. It can be sooner, or later, just depends on Cyndy’s traveling and large events. If your online reading needs immediate help, feel free to email Cyndy to see how busy she is, and how quickly she can respond.

Cyndy’s Pledge
“When you contact me, I will meditate on you, your energy, and do my best to give you the highest spiritual guidance I can deliver. All readings are personal, private, and confidential.” – Cyndy


Cyndy's Online Question Form

Your online question/issue needs to be about one area of life. You can include several questions about that one issue. But all questions must be around that one area/issue of your life.

Example: Job. Should I continue to work at my current job, ABC Company for the next year? Or is it in my best interest to get a new job/ company? Will I get a raise within one year? What does spirit say about this year and job?

  • Timeframe – Be sure to include a specific timeframe, such as within the next month, next 3 months, next 3 to 6 months, etc.
  • Reply – You will receive your reply by email, so please be sure that your email address is correct!
  • Please note: I am not trained to provide legal, medical, or financial advise. Consider readings a supplement to, but not in replacement of all qualified professional support you need. I am a minister of the spirit, my readings are based on spiritual energies and my spiritual perception of energetic flow in your life. Readings are a source of inspiration, and confirmation, but in the end, you are responsible for the choices that guide and move your life.

Cyndy will email you once your payment and question are received, to let you know you are in the reading que.

All information is required. Focus your thoughts and energy on your question before clicking the “Send Question” button.

  • Please enter the email address you would like to use to recieve your reading.
    Without your email address, Cyndy cannot respond to you!

  • If your question is about another person, please include their name, relationship, and date of birth if you know it. Example. My child, Ann Smith, Date of birth 1-1-1992